In a perfect world couples experiencing distress would quickly seek counselling help. In the real world couples wait on average 6 years before first seeking help.  What this can mean is that one partner is already prepared to leave or has left.  In this scenario speed and precision is critical.  Relationship Rescue gives you a longer first session so assessment and some emergency connection work can happen in the first session.

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Do you need Relationship Rescue?

Relationship Rescue is a longer first session appointment designed for couples in crisis – an affair, separation threat, significant loss etc.

Relationship Rescue gives you:

  • Immediate access to a trained relationship counselling professional
  • A longer session time so both assessment and treatment can happen in the first session
  • The opportunity to develop a plan of treatment​
  • Access to cutting edge assessment and tools
  • A safe place to rebuild trust and connection
  • Access to Relationship Intensives and Marathon Therapy to deal with relationship catastrophes or or fast track the therapy process
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Relationship Crisis Questionaire

  1. Do you or your partner regularly talk or think about leaving the relationship?
  2. When you talk about problems does it escalate to shouting, screaming and violence or threats of violence?
  3. Do you avoid bringing up any difficult issues to avoid conflict?
  4. Is your partner not talking to you (for longer than a day or two)?
  5. Do you fight in front of the children – despite an intention not to?
  6. Do you feel hopeless when you think about the future with your partner?
  7. Have you discovered or are you contemplating an affair?
  8. Have you stopped having sex regularly?
  9. Do you find it hard to think of one positive thing about your partner?
  10. Has your partner broken your trust in a serious way that you can’t get over and keeps coming up in conflict situations?
  11. Have you experienced a significant loss that is consuming all your thoughts and energy?
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Scoring the Quiz

If you have answered yes to 2 questions you may be in need of relationship rescue or intensive, or marathon therapy.

Men, if your wife has stopped talking to you this is a very serious relationship problem.

For women this is often a less serious problem – communication coaching can often fix this issue very quickly.

​If you answered yes to 3 or more questions your relationship is likely struggling from a more serious problem that will tend to get worse rather than better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is very individual and can feel like a big step if you’ve never been to see a therapist before.
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