Ever wondered if you found the right person?
Do you want to know that your love will last?

Love typically involves

  • Safety
  • Connection
  • Passion

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love requires a plan and commitment to work.
The payoff is an enduring solid love that provides stability and connection throughout the lifespan.

New Relationship Coaching

Why would I need new relationship counselling?

In the West we have been fed a lot of false, unhelpful and occasionally quite toxic ideas and practices around relationships.  These set us up for a series of relationship traps that needlessly cause us and our partners pain and suffering.  Learning some quite simple skills can help us create more lasting, satisfying and stable relationships.

New Relationship Coaching is the fence at the top of the cliff and is a fun, positive experience.  It is often gifted to couples by families and friends to help set a couple up for success.

Check our team to see who would be right for you.


Pain is inevitable in every relationship.  We all experience loss at some point.  The resulting grief can draw couples and families together as they support each other through the grief journey.

Sometimes though the grief or loss is so overwhelming that couples or individuals need help to find a way through the pain.  It is also common where the grief is extreme that differing emotional coping styles can actually intensify the pain.

In this case having the support of an experienced therapist can help you use the strengths of the relationship to get you back on the right path.

Working with depression and loss as a couple has a number of key advantages.  It is:

  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • More Effective
  • Longer Lasting
  • Stress Reducing
  • Relationship Enhancing

In fact it is not uncommon for couples who came to counselling to deal with a loss to say things like – this has a been a terrible time but I feel lucky because if this hadn’t happened we never would have got to come to counselling together and learn how to connect like this.

To help you through this time – check out our team and choose someone who seems like a good fit for you.

​A couple of useful videos below . . .