At Relate we understand that there are many reasons to seek counselling – whether for yourself as an individual, or for your relationship. We offer therapy to help you with a range of issues, whether it is managing stress, coping with a trust breach and recovering from an affair, learning to communicate well, deepening your connection or coping with an addiction. We are specialist trained to help you with depression and anxiety, grief, loss and trauma.

Click on the links below to learn more about the counselling services we offer. If you are in a relationship, you may want to read more about the online relationship course too. The course is designed to provide you with essential skills in communication and deepen your connection by helping you to de-escalate conflict and reduce stress.

Relationship Counselling Services

Online Relationship help

Check Your Relationship Health

With The Relationship Health Questionnaire

Find out how healthy your relationship is with this free questionnaire. All answers are completely confidential, however you may choose to email your results directly to your therapist.

The questionnaire gives you a powerful insight into where you are in your relationship and lets you see the areas for growth and improvement.

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Why is marriage so hard?

Steven tackles this question in 3 minutes or less​

Your task is not to find love, simply to remove the barriers that block its entry ~ Rumi

Appreciation – the love builder

This structured dialogue was modeled by Steven’s daughter’s as a spoof but has since turned to be a minor Youtube hit.

Frequently Asked Questions about counselling

Counselling is very individual and can feel like a big step if you’ve never been to see a therapist before. To have your questions answered…

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Relate’s counselling services in australia

Click this link to see the counselling services we refer to in Sydney, Australia.