Communication, Connection & Intimacy, Parenting, Holistic Well-being, Grief & Loss, Central Auckland

BCouns, Provisional MNZAC

Margaret is a qualified counsellor who is undertaking an internship at Relate to further develop her experience in relationship counselling. She has over two decades of experience of working with individuals and families with a focus on holistic wellbeing. Prior to undertaking her counselling training, Margaret worked as a registered comprehensive nurse, midwife, parent educator and certified health and wellness coach. 

Margaret is passionate about the importance of positive, flourishing relationships. She loves helping couples and families gain the tools for de-escalating conflict and fostering connection and intimacy. She brings a sensitive, safe, empathic and empowering approach to her counselling work. As a mother to three young adults, Margaret has an appreciation for both the blessings and challenges of parenting and an understanding of the changing seasons of family life. 

Margaret is trained in Person-Centred and Narrative therapy. She has completed training in Gottman Method Therapy and Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT). Margaret’s work also draws upon: Imago therapy, CBT, positive psychology, mindfulness, motivational interviewing and coaching practices. She has experience working with clients with Autism (Asperger’s) and dyslexia. She has also worked with clients who struggle with addiction. Margaret has journeyed sensitively with those who have experienced trauma and attachment woundings in their lives. 

Margaret can help you with:

  • Building  communication
  • Building strong foundations in new relationships
  • Fostering greater joy, connection and intimacy 
  • Introducing tools to de-escalate conflict 
  • Encouraging secure attachment based parenting
  • Nurturing holistic wellbeing: Physical, emotional and spiritual care (purpose & meaning), life-balance, stress management.

As a Relate Intern all of Margaret’s work is videoed and reviewed by one of the senior team.

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Please note: Relate offers affordable counselling with Interns, who are qualified and experienced counsellors, training to become specialists in couples therapy. As the Interns progress through their training, their rate increases, from $40 to $100 for individual appointments and from $60 to $150 for couples appointments. The internship usually takes 12 months, so these increases are likely to happen across several months, but within the first year of therapy.



Unit 19 in Victoria Park Market, is in the units closest to Victoria Street West (directly opposite Victoria Park), and the third unit from the Wilson Carpark.