Denise (Intern – Level 1)

Communication, Migration, Parenting, Central Auckland & Howick

Denise is currently completing her final semester of a counselling degree at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI). She already has extensive experience in general counselling and is undertaking intensive couples therapy training as a Relate Intern. 

Denise was born in South Africa and can speak fluent Afrikaans.  

She has training in Person-Centred Therapy (PCT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Narrative Therapy.  As part of her internship she has completed additional training in Gottman Method and Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT).

Denise is passionate about helping people to have loving, satisfying relationships. Her approach is inclusive and compassionate towards people from marginalised communities. She has a background of many years working in Human Relations for large companies and brings this expertise to working with clients in sessions.

Denise is an optimistic and enthusiastic person, who believes experimenting and changing your behaviour and attitudes through kindness, gratitude practices and being present in nature can bring enhanced joy and power into your life.

As a Relate Intern all of Denise’s work is videoed and reviewed by one of the senior team.  Book Denise online below.