Imago Relationship Therapist, Parenting, Affair Recovery, Communication, Intimacy Issues, West Auckland


Chris has a long-standing interest in working with people toward progressive personal change. He values being useful and contributing to the lives of others, in particular his clients’. Chris has many years’ experience helping clients identify the influence of early-life relationship patterns and experiences, on their day to day difficulties. He is skilled at enabling clients to recognise their core vulnerabilities, understand and revise their beliefs, values and behaviour and grow towards fulfilling their own goals. Chris is passionate about assisting couples to develop alternative patterns that ensure the security and connection they seek.

Chris is also a certified trainer in the Circle of Security Parenting Approach. As a parent and grandparent, he is personally invested in caring about the welfare of children and he shares his wisdom and experience with his clients. He is equipped to counsel parents to identify, understand and respond to the needs of children in a way that transforms family dynamics and relationships.