Sue (Intern – Level 3)

Safe Communication, Cross-cultural Issues, Attachment, Anxiety, Depression, Central Auckland

PGDip Couns Theory, TEAL Cert, BBus, Prov MNZAC

Sue is an experienced counsellor, working with both individuals and families through roles in student counselling, post-natal depression, migrant support, lifeline and private practice. Her 15 years of tutoring migrants and working with Outreach Therapy Pets has given her an appreciation of the challenges associated with unforeseen situations, both in the short and long term, and has enhanced her counselling.

Relationships are complex, so sustaining safe, meaningful connections with loved ones is a valuable relationship skill that Sue likes to support clients to develop. She is currently interning with Relate to become a specialist relationship therapist.

Sue has already completed training in Gottman Level 1 and PORT, and combines these evidence-based approaches with an active form of counselling, which is centred around the client. Her person-centred therapy facilitates clients’ growth and fulfilment.

Sue practices therapy because she believes everyone needs to know they have a voice that is heard, realise they are not alone and experience the immense comfort of being understood. She wants couples to feel a deeper sense of connection and safety.

Her strengths, developed from her life experiences with a diverse range of people, are:

A commitment to helping clients meet their goals
• Flexibility to adjust to clients’ individual needs and an openness to learn
• Cross cultural understanding and communication
• ADHD, Autism family support
• Migrant support
• Depression – thinking & lifestyle pattern, recovery programs
• Post-natal depression
• Outreach Pet Therapy at schools, dementia units and retirement villages
• Animal Assisted Education Reading Programme

Please note: Relate offers affordable counselling with Interns, who are qualified and experienced counsellors, training to become specialists in couples therapy. As the Interns progress through their training, their rate increases, from $40 to $100 for individual appointments and from $60 to $150 for couples appointments. The internship usually takes 12 -18 months, so these increases are likely to happen across several months, but within the first year of therapy.

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Unit 19 in Victoria Park Market, is in the units closest to Victoria Street West (directly opposite Victoria Park), and the third unit from the Wilson Carpark.