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Picture this… you wake up one morning, in the warm embrace of your lover. You feel deep gratitude and desire for your partner, and you languish in the deliciousness of being loved and valued. Your relationship is a source of joy and laughter, of consolation and satisfaction – you have each others’ backs and together you are stronger – resourced to live your lives more courageously and fully.

This is not a crazy dream – this can your future. And we want to help you get there, starting today.

Have you ever felt alone or afraid in your relationship. We all experience difficulty sometimes annoyance, frustrations and misunderstandings happen in good marriages too.

But sometimes we get stuck.  Sometimes we don’t how to escape the miscommunicate, argue, escalate, disconnect fighting trap and we feel our love and connection drifting away.

You may have tried many things to change this pattern but the good news is that change is not only possible it’s immediately accessible.

This online relationship course, ‘Love in a Time of Covid’ is designed to teach you the secrets of Relationship Champions.  The conscious and unconscious strategies they employ to stop fighting, stay connected, grow their love and nurture their passion.

The course is designed to be done alone or together in manageable bite sized chunks to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and change your life and the lives of your family.

If you want to you feel closer, experience deeper understanding and more laughs with your partner, then this course is for you.

About Steven

Steven Dromgool is New Zealand’s most trained couples counsellor. Trained in 5 different specialist relationship approaches he founded the Relate Counselling team and developed the PORT Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy approach to working with couples. Steven is passionate about relationships, seeing them as the key to a good life, a healthy society and the most enduring part of our legacy. He also knows from personal experience that relationships can be challenging and confusing and that we were never expected to have to navigate them alone.

It is his mission to make the core information about successful relationships available to all New Zealanders and to promote the experience of vibrant, loving and passionate connection as a core part of the Kiwi culture.  To that end he has developed this online course, is a regular guest on TV and Radio – you can listen in to him Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB on Saturday mornings

Steven also trains therapists in Auckland, New Zealand and internationally. He is trained in Imago Relationship Therapy, Gottman Method, EFT and PACT and the Developmental Model, he was a contributor to the development of Humanistic Existential Approach to Relationship Therapy (HEART) and led the Relate Team in the development of Presence Oriented Relationship Therapy (PORT).

What’s in the online relationship course?

We want to help you create real, lasting change in your relationship with practical tools and knowledge that you can apply straight away. This online relationship course comes with over 60 videos ranging from 5 – 35 minutes, plus exercises, infographics and audio podcasts.

What Destroys Relationship and How to Fix It

The Anatomy of the Fight – Learning to recognise the main predictors of divorce, the four relationship killers. Identifying the behaviours that destroy love and intimacy in your own relationship and in particular, what your own preferred relationship killers are. Learning what the alternatives or antidotes are to each of the behaviours.

Where You're At - The Cycle of Relationship

Learning about the predictable stages in relationships, to identify where you are in your relationship, what to expect next and what to aim for. Understanding that crisis points are normal and how best to navigate them.

How to Express Love in Critical Connection Windows

Understanding what the key times to express love and be connected to your partner throughout the day are, and how to get maximum ‘relationship gain’ for your loving efforts.

The Avoider - Pursuer Dynamic

Learning about the typical behaviours and core fears for Avoiders and Pursuers. Understanding yourself and your partner better in terms of your attachment style and what triggers each of you to stop listening or to become anxious. Developing skills to choose different behaviour, to make yourself and your partner feel safe, heard and valued.

The Universal Relationship Healer

Developing a working model and practice to heal and build your relationship. Learning the universal shortcut to connection and how to talk to your lover so that your love gets in.

Listening Deeply

Understanding how to ‘cross the bridge’ to listen deeply to your partner, to enter their world and hear the values, needs and longings that sit within their communication to you.

What the Brain has to do With Love

Learning how the brain is comprised of baby, child, adult and observer parts, each wired for connection but carrying the imprinting of your previous experiences that effect your emotions, beliefs and thinking in the present. Developing a better understanding of which part of the brain you and your partner may be responding from in any given moment, to better connect with and soothe each other.

Knowing How to Dialogue - Step by Step Guides to Follow

Understanding how to start  and develop a conversation with your partner, how to use soft start ups, mirroring, empathy, validation and responses. Learning the practical steps to do an Appreciation Dialogue, Daily Dialogue, Relationship Check-In and An Elephant in the Room Dialogue (to repair a trust breach).

How is the online relationship course delivered?

This is a video online course that you will be able to work through, at your own pace. New video, audio and visual material will be added to the course periodically and you will be given automatic access to it.

What does is cost?

Normally $499 USD

Current SPECIAL is $297 USD

Why should I invest in this online relationship course?

Steven explains what’s in the course and how you and your partner can benefit.

What to Expect

60+ Videos

The meaty course content is in the videos. Steven shares his experience and insight gained over two decades of couples counselling, in an intimate, informal way.

guided dialogues

PDF and video instructions to guide you and your partner in dialogues – so that instead of fighting you deepen connection and understanding of each other


Custom made infographics to help you understand the behavioural patterns in your  relationship and how to change them.


This Course Changes Lives

After running this course for some time and talking to clients, we’ve seen first-hand how people’s lives have been changed for the better. It’s impossible not to embrace new relationship patterns and grow in connection with your partner once you have all these amazing tools at your fingertips. 

Make some amazing changes in your life right here, right now.

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“This course has given me hope that my relationship can be how I remember it was when we first met. We’ve learned a lot and are enjoying renewed connection and growing passion. Thanks Steven!”

Mandy, Glenfield

“Doing the online relationship course has been so amazing for us. We were really stuck in a rut and weren’t sure how to change. Steven’s teaching and the dialogues have helped us to start listening to each other and stop fighting so much. The section on the relationship cycle helped us to understand that the power struggle we are in is normal. We also learned that our struggles are not unique and somehow that makes us feel better and more optimistic that we can grow old, happy together.”

Catherine and James, Howick

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this online relationship course for?

This course is for anyone in a relationship or wanting to be in one. We all fight if we are being ourselves in our relationships, because we are different to the people we hang out with or are attracted to, so this course will help you to recognise your own and your partner’s patterns and change to have a deeper, more connected and loving relationship. If you are not in a relationship, but want to be in one, you will find the material in the online relationship course very helpful preparing to be in a healthy and happy relationship.

Why did you create this online course?

We created this course because of the massive increase in marital distress, domestic violence and divorce during and after the Covid lockdown.

It is our experience as therapists that many couples we end uup seeing, would not have needed therapy, if they had had the kind of help offered in the course, earlier in their relationship. Therefore this online course is our attempt to create a fence at the top of the cliff rather than being the ambulance at the bottom.

In addition to that, couples that have used the course have massively increased the effectiveness of therapy with us in the short term – meaning that they are fast-tracking through the therapeutic process and will save time and money in therapy.

How long will it take to complete?

How long is a piece of string? The course is designed to work through over time and apply the new skills and understandings you gain along the way. Each video should give you plenty of information to consider and digest and then discuss with your partner or friends before moving on to the next section. We would encourage you to take your time and even to repeat some sections several times to ensure you have integrated the new learning into your life. By doing the course you will shorten the process of therapy with a couples counsellor, as a large part of couples therpay is pyschoeducation.

Can I contact Steven directly?

Yes, he’s always happy to hear from you. Please send an email to and he or the practice manager will get back to you, depending on the nature of your request or email.

When will I start to see results?

As soon as you start putting into practice the things you learn – today hopefully!

An awesome relationship takes work, but also comes with massive rewards, so we encourage you to embrace the challenge and start doing things differently straight away.

What if I have questions about the course content?

Question and comments are most welcome. Please contact us and we will get back to you.

What if I have technical difficulties?

Please contact the practice manager. She can reset your password and check your username if you have forgotten it.

STill have questions? Contact us here