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“I forgive you” it lasts longer than you know

I have the privilege to share something with you this week from one of my fabulous international Imago colleagues Nedra Fetterman.  This very touching story captures the ongoing and powerful legacy of forgiveness and captures intimately the graciousness and care that centres at the heart of true connection. Enjoy P.S.  you may need to click […]

Mind-blowing Sex – Unleashing your wild child

I’m really excited in this post to introduce you to a FABULOUS author and speaker Esther Perel.  Apart from being beautiful, brilliant and funny she also captured and articulated something amazingly well in this TED talk about how to use the child (limbic) brain to keep passion alive in long term relationships.  The talk is […]

Understanding the Child brain – Queen got it right, “I want it all, I want it NOW”

When it comes to understanding the Child brain Queen got it right.  Their hit song I want it all – I want it NOW sums up the governing ethos of the child brain [youtube=] The limbic (child) brain deals with the realm of emotion and physical sensory experience.  This part of the brain primarily develops […]

Understanding the Baby Brain Part 2 – Why children of alcoholics marry other alcoholics

This movie was something of a testimony to how difficult it is to make Meg Ryan look bad, it portrays Meg as a woman who nearly destroyed her movie with alcohol and runs some close parallels to the real life struggles Meg experienced in her marriage to Dennis Quaid.  The questions is often asked why […]

Understanding the Baby Brain – Symbiosis and Eternity

This gripping video reveals the power and importance of connection – it dramatically illustrates how vital emotional connection is to the infant. Watch the time delay from the still face till the infant notices . . . [youtube=] As  you enter the world of an infant it is crucial to understand how vulnerable and dependent […]