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Why do I always fall for Jerks – Is there hope for Rihanna?

Rihanna is fabulously talented, beautiful, wealthy and desired.  At one level it seems hard to understand why she would choose to be in a relationship with an aggressive and violent man like Chris Brown and then to return to him following repeated domestic violence. [youtube=] In fact her situation is  far more common than we […]

The Demon Dance – or what to do when the love drugs wear off

I confess I was dragged to watch this movie and I muttered and grumbled and squirmed but this final scene made it all worth while.  The Story of Us tracks Pleiffer and Willis tearing themselves and their marriage apart in a slow, torturous and scarily familiar decline – and finally when things seem hopeless this […]

Arnold getting fresh with Maria – How can you love someone and still have an affair

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught getting fresh with his estranged wife Maria Shriver – like most celebrity videos this is a bit of a beat up but they certainly looked companionable.  When news of Arnold’s long term affair came out many people had strong opinions suggesting that obviously Arnold could not love Maria and have […]

Being Flavor Flav’s Girlfriend – Living with the outrageous extrovert

There’s a funny story in the news about Rapper Flavour Flav’s latest antics where he grabbed a mic during a plane descent and started promoting his fried chicken takeout joint.  Apparently he then proceeded to lead the plane in chanting “Flavaaa Flaaaaaav.” I read the story and wondered what it must be like being his girlfriend, because […]