It’s not about the Nail – Why men always want to fix things and what to do about it

This hilarious video highlights an important truth about empathy that can cause lots of problems in relationships or be a powerful source of connection. Fabulous Imago Therapist Pat Love in a recent talk commented on the fact that the brain actually has two empathy networks. The first is the one most woman are familiar with […]

Can your Marriage Survive your teenager?- – or why teenagers drive us batty.

I recently read a great article by Suzanne Phillips Raising Teens Without Ruining Your Marriage: Three Principles   What I loved so much about is that it highlights a core stressor for couples which is adjusting to the sheer chaos that emerges in relationships as children go through their teens.  Whenever I work with couples I […]

Could Pre-Marriage Counselling have saved Ronan Keating’s marriage

I have a confession I have always loved Ronan Keating’s singing.  I look the lyrics, his passion and the tenderness he portrays.  Like other’s I was saddened to hear that his marriage of 14 years had ended.  These musings were prompted again by a fascinating article about pre-marriage counselling in the Irish Times by columnist […]

Arnold getting fresh with Maria – How can you love someone and still have an affair

Apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger was caught getting fresh with his estranged wife Maria Shriver – like most celebrity videos this is a bit of a beat up but they certainly looked companionable.  When news of Arnold’s long term affair came out many people had strong opinions suggesting that obviously Arnold could not love Maria and have […]

Elisha Cuthbert – Living in the spotlight or getting misunderstood

Elisha Cuthbert famous from the long running series ’24’ recently caused a storm in a teacup when she rolled her eyes at the wife of her fiancee’s teammate who had just let a pivotal goal through and this was captured on video and relayed to Youtube as the start of a catfight. Aside from highlighting […]

Talking your babies language

If you have a newborn baby you want to read this post. Priscilla Dunstan is a very gifted and observant woman who discovered that babies universally communicate using 5 basic sounds to communicate hunger, tiredness, wind, pain and I’m about to fill my nappies. The attached video is about 17 minutes and could save you […]

Being Flavor Flav’s Girlfriend – Living with the outrageous extrovert

There’s a funny story in the news about Rapper Flavour Flav’s latest antics where he grabbed a mic during a plane descent and started promoting his fried chicken takeout joint.  Apparently he then proceeded to lead the plane in chanting “Flavaaa Flaaaaaav.” I read the story and wondered what it must be like being his girlfriend, because […]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – what would it take to kiss and make up?

A few years ago the normally reserved Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa proclaiming his love for Katie, 5 years (and a daughter) later they are going through a very public separation.   The question is why a couple who clearly loved each other, are healthy, wealthy and attractive couldn’t make […]