Monthly Archives: July 2012

Being Flavor Flav’s Girlfriend – Living with the outrageous extrovert

There’s a funny story in the news about Rapper Flavour Flav’s latest antics where he grabbed a mic during a plane descent and started promoting his fried chicken takeout joint.  Apparently he then proceeded to lead the plane in chanting “Flavaaa Flaaaaaav.” I read the story and wondered what it must be like being his girlfriend, because […]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – what would it take to kiss and make up?

A few years ago the normally reserved Tom Cruise was jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa proclaiming his love for Katie, 5 years (and a daughter) later they are going through a very public separation.   The question is why a couple who clearly loved each other, are healthy, wealthy and attractive couldn’t make […]